Hello world!

It’s a tradition that whenever someone wants to learn a new computer programming language, the first program they create will print “Hello world!” to the screen.

Why? I suppose because, like everybody, computer programmers want to communicate with the rest of the world.

Well, I’m part of everybody. (Technically I’m also a programmer, since I study electrical engineering, but since I’m writing this instead of the coding project I’m meant to be working on, I’m not sure the truly obsessed programmers in my class would accept me).

I’m a girl in her third year of university in Auckland, New Zealand. I love being a student; I love learning; I love hanging out with people who can make lame puns one minute and solve differential calculus the next.

And so this blog is for people who are also students or love learning and thinking, and who can cope with lame puns (I won’t subject you to the differential calculus).


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