7 Anti-Murphy’s Laws for Students

As I said in my last post, I don’t think Murphy’s Laws are at all useful and they also aren’t all that funny. I can forgive the first, of course, but not the second.

Below I have compiled some anti-Murphy’s laws. They’re just as likely to be true as their more depressing counterparts, and considerably more likely to make you feel better as you finish exams.

  1. If you had never heard of a concept in the exam before, no one else had either.
  2. In the five minutes of last minute cramming outside the exam room, you read at least one thing that was useful.
  3. That assignment that took WAY TOO LONG helped with one of the exam questions.
  4. You remember every question you struggled with but forget most of the ones you did well at.
  5. That kid who left half an hour before you had given up.
  6. That kid who left half an hour after you was freaking out.
  7. Anyone who claims it was really easy is joking, mistaken, and/or about to find out they no longer have any friends.
Happy Sun
It’s sunny in Auckland at the moment!

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