7 Things You Need to Know Before You Eat At Karin

1) The basics

Karin is a Japanese restaurant in Parnell, Auckland. It’s hidden behind a curtain down a side street off Parnell Road.

2) The decor

Karin is unimposing on the outside but comfortable and attractive inside. Try and get one of the tables next to the window, which overlooks Parnell, the harbour and Rangitoto.

3) There is only one chef

At least on the night I visited – Friday evening – there was only one chef working in the kitchen. They also do takeaways and I suspect these are made first. This means you may have to wait a while for your food and it will not all arrive at the same time.

4) Sashimi is raw meat

Sashimi is on the same page of the menu as the sushi, so keep an eye on the picky eaters in case they try to order something familiar and end up with raw tuna instead.

5) The sushi is good, but just sushi

I love sushi. And the sushi is really very good. But you can get good sushi pretty much anywhere in Auckland. Go for one of the proper meals and enjoy the real cooking. In my experience, by the time your food arrives you will have worked up an appetite.

6) Corkage fee is $6.50

This isn’t too bad, assuming you like wine enough to want to bring your own. There’s a decent wine shop about a block and a half up* the road.

7) Movenpick is just down the road

The desert options are pretty average but for amazing ice-cream just walk for a minute down* Parnell Road and stop in at Movenpick.

*Parnell Road has a distinct slope to it; when I say “up” and “down” the road, I literally mean up and down.


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