New Beginnings

It has been almost a year since I last posted on this blog. First I was working and enjoying my summer, then I was travelling in Europe, and then I got back and started straight into my fourth and last year of an engineering degree.

In my degree, two of the eight courses we do in our last year are combined into our Part IV Project. Basically you choose a partner and spend the year doing a research project, a bit like a miniature PhD.

We knew going into it that this project was going to take up a lot of our time. It did. We’ve done 7 day weeks and 12 hour days. When I talk to students from other degrees about graduation, they look a little apprehensive. “I’m not really looking forward to working full time without holidays,” they say. When I talk to engineers, their eyes light up. “Weekends!” they exclaim. “Only forty hours a week!”

If we hadn’t been overambitious, competitive and truly interested in the project, we’d never have put in as much time as we did. It was entirely our fault and I really did enjoy it. But I’ve done very little outside of university this year.

The project is done now. Our robot, Triggy, has been unplugged for the last time. Photos have been taken, presentations have been done, our report has been handed in. It’s a strange feeling, to have a little more time in your day.

Our robot Triggy

And so I can start updating this blog again. I’ve decided to make it a bit more focussed in scope. The theme is dealing with being a young adult: university, moving out of home, dealing with chores and finances and responsibilities for the first time. There’ll be recipes, tips and rants aplenty.


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