Software: Spotify

I am doing a series of posts on software that I think is useful. I’ll discuss what it’s useful for, where to get it from, and any tips or resources I have.

First up is Spotify…


Most students I know download a lot of their music. I understand why they do this – it’s easier and a heck of a lot cheaper than buying it. It’s also illegal and kind of a pain.

Spotify is a good way to try out new music and support the artists you like without paying per song. There are other, similar services (such asĀ Pandora) available. I like Spotify because I’m used to it, but I’d love to hear from people who’ve tried other music players.

Screenshot of Spotify on my computer
Spotify on my computer


Spotify is free on your computer. You can then play any song you want, and they have a large selection. The downside is that they play ads every couple of songs and you need a good internet connection as all songs are streamed.

After that, you can get Unlimited (no ads) for $7.50 a month, or Premium (no ads, and you can download music and put it on your smartphone and tablet) for $13 a month. They offer a 30 day free trial for Spotify Premium, but I would suggest not taking them up on it unless you really can afford $13 a month. It’s pretty hard to go back to not having a well-designed, easy-to-use music player on your phone.

Spotify Premium is the equivalent of buying 6 iTunes songs per month.

Where to get it

Spotify Website


Spotify offers the ability to create playlists. I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is to ‘star’ the songs you like (there’s an empty star shape that you click on to star songs). Spotify automatically puts these in your Starred playlist. Then you can copy them to other playlists.


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