Discovery of the Week: Cool Tip for Microsoft Word 2010

So after whining about how difficult it is to use Microsoft Word for equations in my previous post, I just found out about a really useful feature.

Be warned that I’m pretty sure this is a new feature in Microsoft Office 2010 onwards, so if you have an older version don’t get too excited.

So when you’re writing an equation in Word, it can be a real pain to find the symbols you want, or implement things like subscripts. But it turns out there’s a shortcut for some of the more common actions.

First you need to open up an equation box using this button:

equation button


Then, just an an example, instead of physically looking up a greek letter you can just type in ‘\’ and then its name:

before lambdaWhich, if you then type a space after it, turns into:

after lambda


Similarly, you can do a subscript by writing:

before subscriptWhich turns into:

after subscript


Next time you have to write a whole of of equations, try this to make your life easier!




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