On Exams

I’m about to start my eighth set of university exams. At this point, I consider myself kind of an expert. I’ve done it all before.

Accordingly, I shall pull in my 18-year-old self and give her some advice.

Rae 21Hi! How’s it going?

Rae 18: Who are you?

Rae 21: I have some advice for you from the future.

Rae 18: Ok…

Rae 21: Calm down! Stop panicking! You’re going to do fine in these exams!

Rae 18: I’m not panicking.

Rae 21: What?

Rae 18: I’ve done heaps of practice exams. I know what I’m doing.

Rae 21: You little cow.

Rae 18: Plus the lecturers are really helpful and we have lots of exemplar questions and answers which I understand and can do.

Rae 21: I hate you.

Rae 18: And really we already learned a lot of this at high school so it’s just revision.

Rae 21: Gah!

Rae 18: Nothing to worry about really.

Rae 21: *bangs head on desk*

Rae 18: So how’s your study going?

Rae 21: *runs away*




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