Software: Snipping Tool

I am doing a series of posts on software that I think is useful. I’ll discuss what it’s useful for, where to get it from, and any tips or resources I have.

This post will discuss the Windows application Snipping Tool.


Snipping Tool is very simple and specific, but it’s one of those things that make your life easier.

First you start it.

Click on this icon
Click on this icon

The computer screen freezes, with your cursor disappearing.

I had to use print screen to get this, and it was very annoying
I had to use print screen to get this, and it was very annoying

You can then select a rectangular section of screen and the Snipping Tool turns it into an image that you can either copy and paste or save in whatever format suits you.

The final result
The final result

It’s useful for programs and websites that let you design or draw something and but then aren’t so good about turning it into an image you can save or use (and you’d be surprised how many of those I’ve encountered). Basically any time you would use the Print Screen button, then paste it, then crop it, you can use the Snipping Tool and it will be easier and faster.


Free, if you have a Windows computer.

Where to get it

It should already be there. Just search `Snipping Tool’ in the Start Menu and then save it to your toolbar – you’ll want it there.


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