Discovery of the Week: I’ve Been Tying My Shoelaces Wrong

For about two decades.

To be fair, my flatmate Daisy tried to teach me how to do it properly two years ago, but I was late to dinner so I ran out on her and we forgot all about it.

Anyway, at long last I came across this video:

To be honest, you can probably just watch the video but I’ll tell you the trick anyway because I’m really excited about it.

So you go to tie your shoes like usual and make one loop…

step 1


Then you loop the second lace around the first loop in the opposite direction from the way you usually do…

step 2

Which means you end up pushing the second loop back through a full loop rather than a partial loop, and your shoelace looks way better and stays tied…

step 3

Confused? It’s simpler than it sounds. When you go to loop one lace around the other, go in the opposite direction to what you usually do and it will all flow from there. You can tell you’ve got it right if the bow naturally falls across the shoe (as in the photo above) rather than along it.

I used to double-knot my shoelaces pretty much all the time. Now I don’t have to bother.

Sorry, Daisy. I should have skipped that dinner date and listened to you years ago.




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