When you first go flatting


…pick your flat carefully

Here’s a quick guide:

Good – sunlight, insulation, a nice landlord


Bad – mould, a landlord who lives right next door, living hours away from university/work/town


…flat with friends

For some reason, people tell you that you shouldn’t flat with your friends. This is completely wrong. You shouldn’t flat with that really fun, irresponsible friend who drives you crazy occasionally but who is always entertaining.

probably don't flat with this person
Probably don’t flat with this person

You should flat with that guy/gal who you would trust with your life if you had to.

but this person would be good
But this person would be good

…make sure everybody has signed the tenancy agreement

If someone’s name isn’t on the agreement, they aren’t responsible for rent or damage – you are. So however much you trust them not to leave you in the lurch… why not just have everyone sign it?

…sort out the chores

Anyone who suggests that you ‘work it out as you go’ or that ‘everyone can pitch in’ is either delusional or not planning to pick up a dishcloth all year.



…expect to live like you do at home

One rule: if you don’t clean up after yourself, no one else will.

…insist on cooking together

Give it a go, sure. But when it turns out that Abby is vegetarian, Bob is gluten-intolerant, Cathy arrives home at 10 pm every night and Dave won’t eat vegetables, it might be time to start cooking for yourselves.

What Cathy cooks at 10:15, but Bob can't eat it
Cathy ‘cooks’ this at 10:15, but Bob can’t eat it

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